24 Mar 2003

ooh .. i want my zelda and gamecube now!

this is a pretty entertaining and informative interview from miyamoto about the new zelda - wind maker on gamecube. i don't know what others thing, but i really like this game. the look is so refreshing from all the 3D games like resident evil and mario/luigi etc.

some choice quotes:

"My Neighbor Totoro" impressed me with what they did with the style. That's something I like to look at, to see something within an existing media that is creative and different. That's what we try to do with our products, to take something people have seen and try to do something new with it.

I was startled by the response we got from the press when we showed it off the first time. They all said, "Oh, so is Nintendo now taking Zelda and trying to aim it only at kids?" Really, the whole concept we had behind it was that we thought it was a very creative and new way to show off Link. All of a sudden it had been interpreted as Nintendo's new strategy, and that was a shock for us.

apart from those quotes, there are also explainations of the music , the gameplay and even a discussion about the eye color of Link! oh yeah, btw, this is hosted on nintendo's site, so it is supposed to brainwash you to make you buy the game. i think i've fallen for the trick

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