14 Apr 2003

what have i been up to?

well, seeing today is supposedly my birthday, i might as well write something on my webpage.

lets start our rant from the top. this is a website, but unfortunately, its been turning more and more into a blog. i can't seem to get the design of this site right. i sometimes look at other web sites and say, hey thats good design, but i end up too lazy to fix it. i just want my site to be able to seamlessly scoot from a personal website with photos and projects and bits and pieces of personal life, and then part of my website with a blog or journal and then finally a site that has my work stuff. i've achieved that in some sort of hacky way by splitting the into logical domains, with al.tse.id.au being my personal site that hasn't been touched for a while, www.liquidx.net as me blog and journal, www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~acnt2/ as my work site and vvv.liquidx.net as my photo site. i guess its working alright, but i wish it could work a bit better.

ok, lets step away from geeky web design stuff. my life has been rather quiet, but less so after i've moved. being in a bigger house with more friendly people, i've started to know more ppl who feel exactly the same way as i do. my mind has been bothered by this scholarship application that i'm doing. the hardest thing is asking people for favours. i hate asking people for favours, when there is something that you can do yourself, i want to do it myself. but when it comes to writing referneces, you have to someone to write it for you. thats the worst bit about writing scholarship apps. and even worse is when you have to write the reference yourself to send to the referee so he doesn't have to make up 400 words. everytime i write something ogod about myself, i cringe and make a face because i hate it. i'm a modest person, i don't like being told that i'm any more special than the person beside me. sure it feels good, but its just not my style. i rather blend into hte background rather than stick out in the midlde of the painting in a bright red shirt.

thats why you never see me wear bright colours. i just don't like standing out. all my clothes are dull colours. i like things that look cool, pastel colours, dark shades of grey. my room is kind of an anti thesis to that theory. the colour of the room is yellow, the chair is dark green and the covers are bright red. its kind of a change from my usual monotomy i guess.

lets talk a bit about where i live. i'm currently on the west-side of cambridge (hehehe wessaiiii), about 10 minutes from the lab on cycle, 7 minutes if i try hard, about 7 minutes to the city centre. its actually not a bad place if you have a bike. its a bit further to the chinese shop down near the south of town. my room is up on the 2nd floor attic, i've hit my head on the nice front yard (or back yard) with a couple of tall trees which i keep thinking if there's a storm would maybe fall onto the house. and being on the top floor doesn't really help. i'm practically right next the leckhampton house which is a college building for post grads only. with a tv room, bar and dining room. there's a library and computer room close by about 2 minutes walk. note, if you're stupid enough to cycle there, it'll take you 3 minutes because you have to getyo ur bike through gates, lock and unlock the bike, etc :)

now that its daylight saving over here, or un-daylight saving, depending on the way you look at it, it gets dark pretty late, at about 7pm. so its a nice change from the winter times where it would get dark at about 4-5pm and i would need lights on my bike and spend a fortune on your duracell and energizers. it makes me feel more comfortable working later into the night. however, my working late hasn't translated into much real research work. hopefully i'll get my act together now that i'm 23 years old.

now most of my spare time is spent downloading free tv episodes and free clips off my favourite shows like futurama, southpark, the daily show (btw, you must visit this site. its got the best streaming clips! all tv websites should host this amount of connect on their official site!), simpsons, friends, csi, csi:miami, the practice, etc. i mean i can really live without a tv around here! btw, if you're interested, i use bittorrent and good ole irc for most of my downlaoding needs. sometimes i use edonkey, but its pretty unreliable, imo. although i still go down to watch the odd f1 race or some free-to-air soccer (fa cup or uefa cup or champions league). i have yet to find a bar with cable so i can watch premier league near where i've just moved to. hopefully i'll find something soon.

oh and the other big chunk of my time is spent working on Gentoo Linux and sysadmining for SRCF (student run computing facilities). i actually want to get a tv or tv tuner and play zelda on gamecube rather than working on so much stuff. but then again, dev'ing is actually nice a waste of time for me. because i do tweaking on my laptop all the time anyway, just this way, i do tweaking for other users as well. find out about the ins and outs of a linux distro. its very interesting how open-source projects work.

i think i've ranted alot now. maybe i'll make it a weekly thing to write a long rant that no-one will read. i'll get back to making up 150 words about what my phd project is. hmmm ... i wonder ...

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