15 Apr 2003

cambridge - city of theives

well, today, it just hit me that cambridge is a city of theives. i just had to write something about it because i'm just not good at action. so i'll do the talking and maybe there might be a minute chance that someone would do something about it. there have been 3 incidents today that has rocked my faith in this town.

incident 1.
for the last 2 weeks, cars have consistantly had their windows smashed in by some vandals or theives in my street and the street next to it. just because this is a quiet part of town, it seems like no one really cares. the vandals don't steal any cars, because all the cars they smash the windows of have a clearly visible steering wheel lock. and we're not talking about just 1 car, its been like at least 5 every week. so what the hell is the cambridge police doing?

incident 2.
i went to sainsbury to buy groceries today and saw a bunch of kids clearly trying to mislabel products using some stolen REDUCED PRICE stickers that the staff use to mark nearly use by date clearance items. i tried to warn one of the staff there about them doing it, but they couldn't really find them or do anything about it. they're obviously not dumb you know.

incident 3.
so i was walked through borders and near the magazine racks, and i catch this indian guy suspiciously looking over his shoulders. he just looks like your average computer geek with some pc magazine open. just as i leave borders (a bookstore), i see him rip out a cd from one of the magazines and stuck it in his coat pocket, and continues reading the magazine as if nothing has happened. i couldn't be 100% sure he did it, but i definately saw him put something in there.

so now, i find out that cambridge is a city of theives. so i'm gonna start being extra careful about things. i thought this was a nice simple town, but apparently its not. i think it being school holidays and all also has an effect since there are all these kids with nothing to do roaming the streets.

oh well, this is my rant .. i just had to get it off my chest.

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