05 May 2003

exciting may

well, its may and its gonna be exciting. well, today, leeds beat arsenal in a thrilling match. i'm really happy that leeds can stay in the premiership. i hope kewell and viduka will stay at leeds. i don't really care who cares win the premiership really, i don't like arsenal or man utd. while we're on the topic of soccer, real madrid is gonna play juventus on tuesday for champions league semi finals. thats gonna be interesting! i'm looking forward to watching that game.

well, also watched some f1 racing action. man that alonzo guy is good. i feel a bit sorry of rakkenien (sp?) who only raced about 10 metres!

anyway, i say its going to be exciting this month because there are 2 big events, matrix reloaded and zelda for gamecube. i walked passed the mags stores today, and i was reading that zelda: link to the past (originally for SNES and now on GBA) is number 2 in the top sellers! that is amazing. i've been considering getting a GBA to ease my boredom .. maybe that might be the game to push me over the edge. i really need to get my gamecube back from aust .. zelda just seems too good, and then there's resident evil 0 and also apparently there's going to be a remake of metal gear solid using the metal gear solid 2 engine on gamecube! how awesome!

btw, nice SARS icons , maybe someone should do a set for gaim.

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