23 May 2003


i believe that the economy is driven by people ripping each other off. for example, i bought these clips to hold my trousers while i cycle so they don'y get covered in bicycle chain grease. they're just two metal clip things that cost me 2.25 pounds. so thats like 1.13 pounds for one. i was thinking, how can a piece of metal cost that much.

so if you think about it, one person who makes the metal sells it to some guy, at a profit, and then this guy bends them into a shape of a clip, then sells it to the next guy, for some more profit, and he paints it black, puts it in a nice package and sells it to the bike shop (again, for a profit). then the bike shop sells it to me, for some more profit, and then suddenly, we have a whole load of people ripping each other off in what we call "the economy".

now when the economy slumps, that is when people stop being ripped off because they finally understand how stupid they are, until of course, they forget about it and the government encourages them all to continue to rip each other off. they do this by cutting tax and stuff, making it seem as though, you can afford to get ripped off. you can afford to be stupid.

anyway, talking about stupid, today i saw TWO cars in my 20 minutes on the road on the bike run up a curb while turning into a corner. i've only done this ONCE in my entire driving life (although that was during my driving test :P.) so what does that tell us?

1. people are not safe on the curbs of cambridge
2. cambridge people can't drive their mercedes benz ML 4WD.


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