23 Sep 2003

motivation depressing low

my motivation has been lower than the credibility of the bush administration. anyway, today i've told myself to get a move on or else i'll be like the slackenbury.

anyway, you may have noticed stuff being out of place and pics too big for my design. yeah, i'll get around to fixing that after a fix a numerous problems with geeky gadgets around me. here's a round up of what needs a going over.

over down-under, my web and mail server has been done over my the incompentence of maxtor. we need the hd replaced and it is rather hard to do it 11,000km away. on the killara front, for some reason all the windows xp boxes can't allow you to access hotmail or any sort of webmail without becoming administrator. and even on some machines, after becoming administrator it still doesn't let you do it. i need to figure that out. also, before i left i setup a remote digital vcr box on my fileserver. now, i can record stuff, but i can't schedule anything on it yet. so i'm writing a program to do just that. it is nearly there so soon my brother and sister only have to edit the file and put in their favourite progs to record every night and it'll magically appear in the VCR directory.

on my side of the world now, there's my webpage that needs fixing, my photo album needs converting to the new format. but more importantly, i've been trying to re-write the driver for my newly purchased pixelview playtv pro usb tv tuner with the in-testing linux-2.6.0 kernel. i've been running into troubles with that kernel with my firewire harddrive and certain usb peculiarities which i can't explain.

i'm also writing some apps for my newly acquired palm zire71. i'm planning to start off small with writing a small module to receive photos and text beamed from my nokia 7650. the nokia compresses its text file in some weird format, even though it still gives it a .txt extension. i can copy them out using bluetooth on linux but their appear in some binary format (eg. not text.) on the other hand, photos are fine. actually, the camera on the phone really sucks. its got a massive barrel effect. the camera on my palm zire 71 is much better, although still homosexual compared to my trusty fuji finepix 40i.

after writing a prog to receive those photos, i'll start writing a photo viewer and also a photo blogger. eg, i'm going to turn this blog into a photo blog, so i take a pic, give it some description on my palm zire71 and sync it up to my webpage when i get home. should be pretty wicked if it works.

emm.. nothing much else to report actually. gentoo linux still takes up alot of my time. but hopefully i'll get someone (or two) on board to help with the python stuff so i can work on other stuff like pda and chinese support. the gnome project stuff is managable given the work that foser, spider and obz put in. i only screw around with the major apps like evolution, gnumeric, etc ..

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