08 Oct 2003

bluetooth dentist

well, i'm still alive.

anyway, i've been doing alot of catching up recently, trying to get alot of work done. i've decided if i can't get any motivation, then i'll just try and work myself into a state that i find it interesting.

anyway, i've been interested in bluetooth and the voice stack recently, finding out that none of the phones have publically documented APIs on how to access that. i wonder how far i can get with the Linux stack. my goal is to find out if i can move audio packets in and out of my phone remotely. so in essense, pretending to be a headset.

oh, talking about bluetooth, there's a story on the the register about cars with bluetooth that automatically switch your phone to handset mode with built in microphones and speakers. so, the question is, what happens if there's more than one person in the car?

how can it determine who's phone it should connect, assuming it only has one mic and speaker?

can it do it by location? only do it for the front seat? i doubt it. do you have to put it in a particular stand? that would defeat the purpose.

what if you were outside the car and you still had bluetooth reception? that would be annoying. anyway, all these people thinking up these ideas don't seem to know what they're talking about. like me.

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