21 Oct 2003


you may notice that many little niggling bugs have been fixed on my page now. i've finally made the links a sane colour and running drupal CVS again.

i've re-enabled the image uploading module and i'm preparing to write a module for drupal to use metaweblog-api to post to my page. that means an extension to the bloggerapi that is already available. the cool thing if it isn't too much work, is that i can start using cool gui blogging apps like BloGTK or Kung-Log (if i get that sweet 12" PB) when macosx panther comes out (oohh .. 24 oct ..).

the thing is i probably need to re-write the way images are represented with the image.module, but i suspect it won't need that much modification.

prob then the next step will be to write a blogging app for my palm and then write a conduit to upload blog/picture entries from my palm by just pressing the hotsync button. schweeet ..

i know there's actually an app for nokia 7650 that does the same thing, but its a little annoying because it doesn't forward the pictures properly. so maybe i'll write it as an exercise to play around with bluetooth.

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