21 Nov 2003

pronounciation of router

so is it pronounced "roooot-uh" or "raaa-ow-ter" ?

you see, when i was bought up in hong kong, i always pronounced it as roooot-uh because a route is pronounced as "root". then when i went to australia, i picked it up that route was pronounced as "raaa-ow-teh" and hence router was "raaa-ow-ter". now in england, people are saying root-er.

the problem is, i keep on mixing the two up, i keep on forgetting how to pronounce it, so if you listen to me talk about networks, you have no idea whether i'm just totally confused (which i am) or just don't know english.

anyway .. rooter .. hehee

[updated: apparently ppl read this site .. so maybe i should do a spell check and grammar check instead of going for the world typing-speed record]

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