11 Jan 2004

mac and i

well, for those who don't know. i got a 12" powerbook over christmas, a little christmas present for myself, i guess. anyway, i'm enjoying it so much. its been quite a while since i've actually enjoyed toying with apps. itunes is a beautiful program, everything just works. the radio stations work instantly, the itunes stores works really well, it makes me actually want to spend money, how web apps should be done. cd ripping is awesome as well, it can get names of chinese cds too!

another things i've been playing with is veta universal and romeo. this is the remote control client for my 7650 and the bluetooth remote control server for my powerbook respectively. its actually quite neat, i can control my itunes and volume etc. very fun for control my itunes from my bed. there's also another on called salling clicker, but afaik, that only works on ericsson phones and palm pilots with bluetooth.

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