13 Jan 2004

spate of web browsing

i just went crazy over at metafilter and b3ta.com and collected a whole bunch of cool links:

stick-man and fatboy slim - flash interpretation of the famous "weapon of choice" MTV
weebls stuff - stuff from weebl, i'm starting to enjoy his weird treatment of loops and pauses.
goatse invades primary school - for those who don't know what goatse is, don't try and find out.
microsoft spot watches - very nice review, i think this is the best product from microsoft yet - makes me really want to have one!
the sims on n-gage - somehow i think this might be the killer-game for n-gage. we have enough skateboarding and side-scrollers now
PMS Alert App - for windows, because you need the extra warning.
molecular structures using balloons! - i wish we had those in high school - i hope this catches on and we'll see dna's floating around fairgrounds
acid trip with drawings - "why LSD is baaad .. mmkay"

i think i'm done for the day, about to go back to get some more work done.

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