17 Jan 2004

the world of mobile phones

this world is about to take a great hit. it seems like perl on series 60(read: nokia 7650, 3650, 6650, n-gage) is in the works. soon you'll be able script your phone to do anything you like. i'm pretty excited, except i'm not that hot on perl.

now the other scripting language apparently on series 60 is called OPL. that is for developers only but it seems like a pretty cool alternative to c++ and java.

on the other mobile related front, it seems in asia, people are selling downloadable software/games/tunes via bluetooth/infra-red kiosks. so i think the idea is, you setup a kiosk where there is high traffic, say maybe a department store or a bus station, and then people can interact with the kiosk using their bluetooth enabled phones to download a game to play, or get a new ringtone. now the idea isn't very new, but the thing is there is very little deployment cost. you just have to bolt something to a pole, get a license, and plug it in. this is the killer app for a bluetooth access point or router. i wonder if this will really catch on, seems like a dead set profit spinner to me. any takers?

in short, its the vending machine for tunes/software for mobile phone. drop in a couple of dollar coins, get the latest tunes or splash screen or game for your mobile. sweeet.

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