22 Jan 2004

fbi security uses macs!

i was tricked into reading this article about security, and here's a neat little tidbit:

"I asked him (the FBI agent) about that, and he told us that many of the computer security folks back at FBI HQ use Macs running OS X, since those machines can do just about anything: run software for Mac, Unix, or Windows, using either a GUI or the command line. And they're secure out of the box. In the field, however, they don't have as much money to spend, so they have to stretch their dollars by buying WinTel-based hardware. "

and also, for all you crooks:

"Dave (the FBI agent again) also had a great quotation for us: "If you're a bad guy and you want to frustrate law enforcement, use a Mac." Basically, police and government agencies know what to do with seized Windows machines.... But Macs evidently stymie most law enforcement personnel. They just don't know how to recover data on them."

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