30 Jan 2004

busy as hell

well, my recent lack of posts is because of two reasons. one, because i've been working really hard on doing some research (yay! what does that mean?) and two, because i've been working really hard playing rainbow six 3 - raven shield!

anyway, hopefully i'll have a breather soon, but i really want to get some work done and some progress to show for it. i have to stop screwing around with random stuff and not doing work. i want to get out of here asap so i can avoid all the snow and rain :)

anyway, i haven't been short on links to post, but i've just been lazy to put them on. now that i'm using this macosx blog poster called ecto, i can do this much quicker than i used to before. so here's a list of friday goodies for you all to enjoy

traditional nokia 8210 handsfree kit - well, technically not handsfree
no farting on rollercoasters - another ebay treasure!
kozyndan v1.0 - a groovy kind of artwork site, check out the first link for the magazine, books section.
british "comedy" clips - emm, yeah, am i supposed to laugh here?
slug pr0n - insect sex never looked so good.
underground people - ridley's believe it or not?
segusoland - a novel way of looking at managing files on your computer. very cool indeed.
speech accent archive - i'm seriously going to try and imitate every possible accent there is on this page!
tinfoil prank- this probably doesn't make any sense, but this guy had his whole house wrapped in tinfoil, down to even the coins on his desk! amazing!
airlinemeals.net - because you deserved to be warned!

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