04 Feb 2004

font == root of all evil

ok, i just wasted 3 hours fixing my mac because of apple's crap font management system. for some reason, i decided it was a good idea to download font packs and install them thinking that, "ah, apple will protect me from shooting myself in the foot."

all was fine, until i installed this "best mac fonts" pack which duplicated some of the system fonts i already had. when i discovered that, i removed (using macosx's font book) or resolved conflicts for those fonts, which made the situation even worse. i didn't think there was a problem, but i knew the fonts were getting a bit out of hand because x11 had trouble loading some fonts.

then the fatal mistake i made was rebooting thinking that the SecurityServer had died (because of a coredump in my log directory) but in fact, the error was that fonts were available for my user but not for the system, so when macosx came around to asking me for a password to the keychain, it couldn't display the dialog and went into an infinite loop trying to find the font.

so i spent an hour or so removing all the fonts i had installed, finding the default fonts from the Powerbook G4 install DVD and restoring the missing ones again.

now its all fixed, and the ultimate tip comes from the apple discussion forums:

OSX 10.3 (Panther) Mysterious Crashes

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