24 Feb 2004

range of bluetooth on my powerbook g4

i did a very simple experiment today using the bat system (in our lab) and a python script i wrote to use as a freespace through wall ruler.

the results show that my powerbook g4, coupled with my nokia 7650 has a bluetooth reception range of 6-7metres. that is in a normal office environment with plaster walls and in the presences of a 802.11g wireless access point in the vicinity. i'm not sure whether the access point affects it or not though.

so it seems like the bluetooth reception is not particular impressive, probably not using the alleged antenna around the monitor. i think thats exclusively used for 802.11* cards.

just some random experiment i did which i thought would be interesting. i might try getting usb bluetooth dongle and see how the range on that is. it alleges to get 40m range, which i'm quite suprised, and never tested.

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