25 Feb 2004

omniORBpy on MacOSX

i've been trying tonight to get omniORB and omniORBpy to compile and run under macosx. it seems like i'm not the first one to run into problems, curioiusly though, i seem to be getting linking problems which i fixed myself by adding this patch to both omniORBpy and omniORB makefiles:

--- mk/beforeauto.mk.in Wed Aug 6 23:33:17 2003
+++ mk/beforeauto.mk.in Tue Feb 24 20:53:29 2004
@@ -944,9 +944,12 @@
SharedLibrarySoNameTemplate = lib$$1$$2.$$3.$(SHAREDLIB_SUFFIX)
SharedLibraryLibNameTemplate = lib$$1$$2.$(SHAREDLIB_SUFFIX)
SharedLibraryPlatformLinkFlagsTemplate = -dynamiclib -flat_namespace \
- -undefined suppress
+ -undefined suppress \
+ -install_name $(INSTALLLIBDIR)/$(SharedLibraryLibNameTemplate) \
+ -compatibility_version $$2.$$3 \
+ -current_version $$2.$$3.$$4

to the seriously screwed up make system. although i'm still running into segfaults and double free problems documented in this post here to the omniorb-list. bah, no spyrit for me on my powerbook!

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