22 Mar 2004

improved orkut graph

here's a better orkut graph plotted using neato from graphviz.

there's also a pdf version where you can zoom in and out till your hearts content. anyway, now i'm in the middle of the graph and you see clusters of people. the top cluster is the Gentoo cluster. you'll see them all interconnected to each other, like rabbits. then on the right hand side is a cluster of people who i don't know except for one single japanese dev (on the cjk gentoo team) who bridges me with these people. then at the 5-o-clock position is the cambridge collective. you'll see the cluster expanding from the anil and dave connection. at the 7-o-clock position is the first part of the australian connection. close to me are the few friends in sydney who i could con to join orkut. then on the left hand side is the CSE-debian massive linked by just matt chapman/hope connection.

its quite interesting to see that the graph separates my groups of "friends". more interestingly, distance from me physically does not denote how far apart the links are. maybe i have to study some graph drawing theory to achieve that. or maybe manipulate the data so that graphviz does the right thing. the other cool thing with the graph is finding loops. for instance there are links from the CSE into the Gentoo orgy. (i had to end this article with a sleazy comment.)

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