02 May 2004

backlog of links

i've got a huge backlog of links, lets see how many i can get thru:

vending machine pictures of japan - very interesting, esp the egg vending machine and the panty vending machine.
supermodel personals - even mega rich and skinny models need to find a soul mate
itunes per ipod - a striking statistic about whether people are really using ipod the way riaa and apple want us to. of course not! btw, its 21 songs per ipod.
the ultimate college application - answers everything you ever want to know.
gender genie - so you know that you fight like a girl and kick like a girl, how about seeing if you write like a girl?
facts on farts - now that research stinks!
how not to write metaphors. - this is as funny as the guy who stands up and tells jokes.
we do stuff corp. - hilarious parody of consulting company websites.

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