08 May 2004

looking for web hosting

so i'm looking for some webhosting. this is mainly to store huge amounts of content that i like to share with people. seeing that i'm losing my college connection very soon because i'm going to the states for three months.

i feel a bit guilty using [http://www.srcf.ucam.org/|SRCF] for my photo albums, and hence you would notice that most of the photos are hosted offsite on my [http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~acnt2/|LCE] account.

so there are a couple of really cool hosts that charge pretty cheap for hosting with mail, web, ssh and multiple domains. ones i'm interested in right now [http://www.bluehost.com/|BlueHost] and [http://www.onsmart.net/smartone.htm|OnSmart]. they're similarly priced, except bluehost gives you a free domain, which is what i'm in the market for as well.

i could also think about hosting it on my existing accounts, like convince the sysadmin to put in a VirtualHost line to point to my webspace in the LCE, or even do it on [http://recoil.org/|recoil.org]. oh yeah, i also have some webspace in aust, but the prices are so fuckign ridiculous that i'm going to abandon that.

so the other thing i've wanted to do is to register another domain name. i'm thinking of one domain for me and one for teresa. its not that i'm abandoning liquidx.net, but i think it is time to create a random domain name which is not my nick, so i can give some space to friends for hosting. i can give them accounts on my domain and they can do what they want on the server, like maintain a blog, upload pictures, upload random stuff. to do that seamlessly would mean i run my own [CoLo].

life is so complicated when you're a geek.

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