09 May 2004

drupal, metaweblogapi and moblogs

i've just been playing around with trying to get some sort of moblog like module for drupal. so i've been looking what others have been doing, so i can reduce my work.

so there's the [http://drupal.org/node/view/4878|really cool patch] that does [MetaWebLogAPI] style file uploads, and therefore I can use [Ecto] to upload images directly to my [http://www.liquidx.net/files|file dump]. there's also another module called [http://drupal.org/node/view/5737|flexinode], i'm not sure how useful it is, but its quite complicated. the [http://drupal.org/doxygen/drupal-4.4/fileupload_8module-example.html|file api] in drupal is actually pretty neat, the file upload api is pretty seamless as well.

basically, my requirement is that i want to write a simple on linux and osx (eg. in [Python]) that i can just drag a photo on to the icon (or command line interface) and then it'll popup with something for me to enter a comment (possibly username/password) and then it uploads it as a moblog node on my [Drupal] blog. now, of course, i could do it over [GPRS], but its damn expensive, and it also means i have to write a [Symbian] app for my phone to directly speak XML-RPC.

finally, i'm looking for some webdav hosting as well, figured that if i'm going to pay for a bunch of money for hosting, might as well do everything from IMAP, WebDav, Multi-Domains, heaps of storage, SSH, etc .. i think i've found one, see my [WebHosting] wiki page.

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