10 May 2004

pyhack and musictagger released, pyid3v2 (pytagger) updated

i've just put up two pieces of code that i've been working on recently. one of them is [http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~acnt2/code/#pyhack|pyhack]. it is a really cool module that i wrote for a lab screen saver on a plasma screen which uses my [http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~acnt2/spyrit/|spyrit]. i should really put up a screenshot, but i don't know how easy that is with linux opengl.

the other piece is my first macosx app that does some simple id3 editing. this is MusicTagger, which is a pure python program using pyobj and interface builder. its so sweet to use python to write totally native OSX apps. next step is to try and write python programs on win32 *shiver*.

musictagger screenshot

other thing is that i've decided to rename pyid3v2 to [http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~acnt2/code/pytagger/|pytagger] to avoid conflicting with the other pyid3 project that doesn't have a webpage. plus that i've made so many changes that it really deserves a new name.

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