11 May 2004

a criticial review of the sony EBR-1000 ebook reader

one of my favourite japanese tech sites, dottocomu reviewed the Sony OLED EBR-1000 eBook reader and has something scathing to say about how lame their DRM is:

"Sony has opted for a DRM and distribution system for the Librie that must have been designed by the same guy who made up the guidelines for NetMD's DRM. In other words, some dinosaur in SonyHQ who still doesn't read his own e-mail since he can't use a keyboard."

"Also, the innovative (read as idiotic) new 60-day-and-it-evaporates download service has NO periodicals! No magazines, no newspapers. The only types of documents that would lend themselves to a rental system aren't even offered."

so they have a system that has no content, well done Sony!

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