14 May 2004

leaving for aust (via hk)

alright, so i've moved out of my room, gotten ready to leave the country for a while. i still need to get some work done though, there's always an infinite amount of work that can be done. hopefully things will work out as well as possible, like i'll be able to charge up my laptop at the airport in hong kong :)

one thing cool is that cathay pacific has this online check-in thing, its not really online checkin, more like you can book your seat online, rather than at the counter. however, i noticed that the flight to sydney, there's a big chunk of seats (in the middle or back of the aircraft that are missing. or at least unavailable.

the other cool thing is that you can have cathay pacific send messages via SMS to phones to notify (or they called it notiFLY) them when they arrive. thats especially convienent for sending sms's to people who are going to pick you up, or your loved ones ;)

its a bit pointless to notiFLY yourself when you arrive because, well, its bloody obvious why its pointless. its probably more useful to notify yourself when your departure time is delayed or cancelled.

anyway, hopefully i'll come out in one piece on the other side of the globe and have a fun time in aust. hope to see you all there

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