20 May 2004

from heathrow to hong kong

well, just a little summary of my trip to sydney. firstly, heathrow has internet access but you have to pay using t-mobile's service. secondly, heathrow duty free has the aggressive alcoholic sampling system in the world. there were all types of vodka we could have "shots" of, i could of got drunk before i got onto the plane!

for some geeky stuff, i turned on bluetooth scanning and found about 12 discoverable bluetooth devices in the waiting area! thats within a 7 metre radius of my powerbook! i have some photo to prove it, but i think it is on my other phone. cool thing with my apple is that i could sync my hong kong contacts with just a flick of a switch (ok, a little more complicated because i have a really organised address book.)

the flight was alright, although for an overnight flight i was pissed that they didn't provide any dinner, but they had pseudo snacks like sandwiches and cupnoodles to keep me sane. i didn't get any sleep on the plane, even tho i checked in using cathay's online checkin to choose a really nice seat (remember to check out seatguru.com for how to choose good seats on planes!) but the reason i couldn't sleep was because there was a baby who was crying for 8 hours out of the 11 hour trip! although the plane was very empty when we flew to hk.

we actually arrived 30 minutes early in hong kong, so i basically got thru customs by 8am, and on a sunday, there's nothing open in the airport or in hk city centre. the only people who were on the streets were flipino and old people. i got to the Hong Kong Station and went over to Central MTR Station where there was free internet kiosks provided by MTR! very impressive, although the line was too long to be bearable. so i ended up wasting time sitting around in starbucks taking stupid photos and also getting a cheap haircut. hong kong was bloody hot and humid for autumn.

yum cha'd with an old friend from hi-school at times square and then went gadget shopping for my sis with a couple of uni friends. got some cheap hardware like a firewire external drive and a sweet little 256MB MP3 player from LG. although all the mp3 players are windows only except for Apple iPod. i'm suprised that no one has actually hacked up some drivers to use those players with iTunes. we went to 花園餐廳 for dinner, which was very authentic hong kong western style food. i like to call it hk-western fusion. we then walked around some more trying to find some food and we ended up getting some new zealand icecream (of all things). it ended up being much more expensive than in australia (as i found out later.) it's AUD$2.90 for a single cone here, and HK$20 over there.

i'll talk about my trip back to sydney in a later post, thats enough boring shit for now. (i'll add links later, because i'm so tired.)

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