12 Jun 2004

australia and nz

so i haven't talked much about aust and nz. well, its fine down there! don't have to worry. water still flushes the wrong way (or the right way, depending on how you look at things.)

well, i spent about 2 weeks in aust, doing all sorts of things. i got a nokia 6600 which will be fun to play around with (and it was free from my dad!) gave away my vaio to my mum and removed [http://www.gentoo.org/|Gentoo] on it (oh so sad!), ripped over 80 CDs, installed an [http://www.apple.com/airport|Apple Airport EXTREME] as the gateway to my home.

other non geeky things include going to [http://www.kobejones.com.au/|Kobe Jones (jap fusion restaurant) with ChrisM], going to [http://www.merivale.com/establishment/est|est] (restaurant above the [http://www.worldsbestbars.com/city/Sydney/Establishment.asp|establishment bar] on george st.) with ChrisD and Sal, hotpott'ed a couple of times, went to Sakanaya (my fav jap restaurant - still!), went to [http://www.eatability.com.au/au/sydney/bokkemon_sushi_bar.htm|Bokkemon] on the last night of my stay, also dinned at the North Ryde RSL chinese restaurant, went eating fried wonton at Kam Fook, had noodles at 正斗 in eastwood, sushi train at bondi .. wow. . its like a dining tour!

apart from eating there wasn't much else i did in australia, drove around a bit, fixed a couple of computers, went to bbq with Teresa and Irene's friends. suprisingly, i didn't have any trouble driving, except my Lancer's brakes were failing very badly, i don't think my car is even road worthy now, its a suprise how i hadn't killed myself driving that car.

oh yeah, and the lamest thing happened 10pm just before i was about to leave australia. i forgot to pick up my ticket from the travel agency, so we had to beg them to open on Sunday so we could pick up the ticket, and then proceeded to rush to the airport in a Mazda 121! luckily i made it, and that is why i'm now in Princeton, New Jersey.

Teresa and i also went to New Zealand for a couple of days, specifically to Rotoroua. its a very nice place, but stinks of rotten eggs (sulphur).

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