18 Jun 2004

un-pirating my music

hey, so people like copy-protected cds? so i'm thinking, they say that the problems thay have is putting the songs on iPod, so why not make it so that people can encrypt their own songs? (duh..)

anyway, it would be a funny project to do the reverse of what hymn/playfair does, encrypt all my unprotected mp3s/aacs so that people can't copy them! what a cool idea! i'm all for being selfish and stubborn, so wouldn't this be a great idea to make sure your music isn't stolen, take a leaf from the RIAA?

make it so that nothing can play it except for my computer! soon i'll be adding protection so that only certain speakers can play my music! woohoo ..

(for those who haven't caught on, i'm not serious .. :P)

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