22 Jun 2004

verizon madness

so we've been having some hell with verizon! we have an ADSL modem, and its been going crazy for the last week or so. we've discovered the solution to this! as crazy as it sounds, it seems like if the phone is off the hook, then the modem doesn't cut off every 10 minutes!

so we've left the phone off the hook now. maybe if someone can tell me what is going on! also, i was having alot of trouble ssh'ing into cambridge from princeton here. it turns out somewhere between newyork1.level3.net and london1.level3.net, they're dropping like 70% of the packets! however, if i go via recoil.org (anil's kickass login server), then to cambridge, its all fine.

even right now, i'm posting this via a complicated (well, ok, 2) ssh tunnel system back to cambridge just to avoid the mess-o-rama!

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