26 Jun 2004

power outage!

the damn apartment we're living in just lost power to half the house! yes, only half the damn house. everything closest to where to where the power comes in has power, but outside my room, everything is dead.

its so bloody annoying! so we have to get the landlord to look at it. the fuse box seems to be fine in the basement, all the other people have no problems with their power, the power meter seems to be ticking outside, so its not like the electricity company has screwed us over.

so we have to choose 4 things to plug power into, so right now we have the fridge, 2 lights and the cable modem! actually, oddly, the cable modem hasn't dropped out since the power went out, so maybe it didn't like something with the wiring in the house? we'll see how much wings that theory has.

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