27 Jun 2004

personal gentoo bug day

well, spent nearly all of today getting through bugs in gentoo. nothing much exciting, but getting through a whole load of python, bluetooth and pda bugs. most of the ones that are left are enhancement bugs.

also added the new gnome-bluetooth and libbtctl suff. i need to get a cheap bluetooth dongle to play around with those, but they seem to work alright for everyone.

even though i spent hours today at the bug list, it still hasn't gone down much :( i really need to stop maintaining so much stuff and scale back a bit.

still haven't had time going through gnome bugs either, but i don't think i have much spare time to help out with that anymore, i might just keep up with maintaining evolution and a couple of other bits and pieces. i'm developing a list of [MaintainedGentooPackages], so if you're a developer or want to be a developer and wish to help me out, feel free to give me an email!

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