30 Jun 2004

fahrenheit 9/11 - temperature at which freedom burns

fahrenheit 9/11 - temperature at which freedom burns
i just watched fahrenheit 9/11 by michael moore and i just feel sick.

i feel really sick of the amount of corruption in george bush's administration, how they are saying they support the troops, and in fact they screw them over like cutting their benefits. and one of the most suprising points in the movie, (apart from that fact that saudi's and the bin ladin's are major backers of the bush campaign - and that they have over $1 trillion dollars in US investment) is that how most of the soldiers are from poor towns and there is a systematic recruiting regime to get poor kids into the army, nearly as bad as the mormons trying to get you to believe in their crap.

i think anybody who is american should see this film, although it is less relevent to people outside of the united states, i just still feel sick from the disaster that is the united states government.

PS. the movie itself is quite humorous, although it doesn't have nearly enough time to show how lame and contradicting the current US administration is.

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