05 Jul 2004

synergy - remote control for itunes

synergy - remote control for itunes
i don't purchase much shareware, because i'm (a) stingy and (b) support open source. so most of the stuff i use regularly, are either freeware or opensource. things like desktop manager, adium, colloquy, quicksilver.

but i've paid for a couple of shareware progs on my mac because i think they're cool, like sailing clicker and now synergy. synergy is this really cool remote control for itunes that allows you to map hotkeys to itune buttons, so you can control itunes with having a window open. there are quite alot of tools that do that already, but none of them look as cool as synergy. the screenshot here shows what happens when itunes changes songs. once it does that, there's some funky animation, and if it can't find the album cover on the mp3, it'll even try getting it automatically from amazon!

the only wishlist i have for this is that it searches other databases as well, for instance, i have a whole load of australian and chinese songs, i wish it could allow us to write plugins to search album covers from other places. although, it would probably involve alot of html snarfing.

best of all, it only cost €5!

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