11 Jul 2004

NYC on sautrday

been around NYC this weekend again. had some 瀨粉 (i think that is the right character for "lai-fan" - a chinese thick rice noodles, think of it as a transparent spaghetti) in chinatown. then went to the apple store to see if i could get an ipod mini. unfortunately. they've sold out, and i can't reserve one. so unless i go down to the store every day and wait till their next shipment comes, i won't be able to get any. what is apple doing! make some damn mini ipods. so i'll have to resort to ordering them online.

then we went up to the sony technology park. it was more like a sony historical museum. they have this robot in the foyer, who is basically just controlled by some random guy who speaks in a robot voice in some booth inside the museum!

then we went around 5th avenue, madison avenue. of course, on those avenues are the most expensive shops in the world, like louis vutton, gucci, etc. of course, my limo count went way up in this area, as you can see.

anyway, all in all, a fun day in the city. i noticed that all the NY subway maps in tourist guide have big warnings saying that they should not be duplicated, however, on their own website they make the GIF and PDF version freely available.

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