23 Jul 2004

major league bitchball needs to get a clue

so we went to the new york yankee's (baseball) stadium to watch them humiliate the toronto blue jays on wednesday. apart from the ridiculous price of food inside the stadium (like $7 for a pint of beer and $5 for a hot dog) i was majorly pissed off by their anti-terrorism shit. they've got no idea what the hell they're doing.

so i usually take my powerbook into new york because i get to do some work on the one hour train trip. so usually my back pack has nothing but my laptop and a camera or something. apparently, you cannot bring ANY BAGS into the stadium unless they are LV GUCCI or PRADA handbags, even though they're big enough to fit a bloody pizza box in it. but i couldn't bring in my small backpack with my powerbook. i offered to show them everything inside and open everything so they can lick, scratch and sniff if they wanted. but they still wouldn't let me bring it in! what the fuck is with that policy? so you expect me to leave my US$1500 laptop in a bowling alley baggage handler?

so i asked them if i could only bring my laptop in, if i put the bag into the lockers. then the drone from this major bitching league said i couldn't bring anything electronic into the stadium. so i asked him if i could bring a camera and my mobile phone. so apparently, i can but they would confiscate it if they saw me use it! (WTF!!!) this guy was definitely talking out of his ass. then i said, if that is so, then what is this rule about not taking electronics in? if i bring my laptop in and don't use it, would they confiscate that as well?

anyway, after seeing that it was obvious this guy was on crack (yes MLB, you're people at the yankee stadium are all on crack. they all work in gate 4. go fire them from their jobs and hire someone with common sense) we basically walked around the stadium trying every gate until at one gate, this lady gave us a CLEAR plastic bag so we could put anything we want in there. so there you have it. the only things allowed in the stadium are:

* Plastic Bags
* LV/GUCCI/PRADA/Big Brand Handbags

And you will get your phone confiscated if you use it. HA! anyway, i'm majorly pissed off with MLB's organisation. i hope they don't all have their heads stuck up their ass and using terrorism as a way to charge their ludicrious food prices.

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