23 Jul 2004


here's up on the 86th floor of the empire state building. as you can see, this is the west side. empire state building should be renamed the empire state queue. there was about an hour's queue to get up and another 30 minute queue to get down. now, a queue to get up i can understand, but one to go down, i dunno.. also, i think its a marketing ploy to get you to line up and they take a dodgy photo and try to sell it to you for $16.50!! a photo for $16.50 !? i can have 3 steaks for that price. why don't they think we have cameras? maybe they are preying on eastern european tourists who don't have money to buy a camera? but why would they buy a $16.50 photo!? but the view was nice, central park is huge! i wish it was a less foggy day. i'll post more pics from up there later.

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