05 Aug 2004

UNSW 0wn3d by UTS at Robocup

for many years, UNSW reigned supreme at 4-legged robocup. they've never finished outside the top 2, until now!

i just found out that this year's robocup team lost 9-1 in the quarter finals to UTS!! WTF!! i hope those guys fail their thesis component and get chucked out of the the UNSW. they've taken away the only thing to be proud of in UNSW, plus, they got beaten by an inferior university just across town! how will we ever go into the city centre without abuse hurled at us and being taunted by these 4 legged robo-shaggers?

they didn't even get placed for the challenges. the challenges are a special event to get the dog do certain tricks, like run around really fast or hump a human leg, you know, things that a robot dog should know how to do.

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