07 Aug 2004

august 2 - daily show ambush on harry bonilla

august 2 - daily show ambush on harry bonilla
you can watch this here on comedy central or here on bittorrent. anyway, harry bonilla is the republican senator for texas, and he's made the fatal mistake of appearing on the daily show with jon stewart that has led up to him being ambushed and humiliated in front of everyone.

mistake #1: if you're a republican who comes to the program, you're going to get your ass kicked. jon stewart is by no means partisan, but he can pretty much see through all the republician spin.

mistake #2: start off with trying to bribe the presentor by giving him some texas cowboy boots for his 4-week old baby. and then unstrategically put "GOP ROCKS" on the bottom of them just to piss jon stewart off!

mistake #3: use a punchline from earlier in the show -- the bush "turning the corner" spin. nothing more disgusting than a try hard stealing people's jokes.

mistake #4: admitting right at the beginning that he doesn't watch the show. its like going on letterman or leno and then saying, yeah, i hate your show. the show sucks.

mistake #5: being a part of the republican RAPID RESPONSE TEAM who spits out unverified facts which they don't even know the source. jon stewart basically ambushed him totally on this one. the republicans have been saying that john kerry and john edwards were the most liberal senators in the US, however, no one knows where they got this ranking from. and jon stewart bashed home the point, harry bonilla just tried and tried to spin it with vague answers no less than 5 times, with stewart saying finally saying "are you making this up?" eventually, jon let him in on a secret, he knew all along. and it was none of the organisations that bonilla was talking about. it was the national journalist magazine or something like that. then jon has one final attempt to led him to speak the truth, which being a politician, he fails miserabally at as well. all in all, a great ambush, a big disservice to the republican party.

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