09 Aug 2004

apple, itunes in asia please :)

yes yes, i know that hong kong is the pirate capital of the world. but its not so bad. its not as bad as china where probably 90% of the music there is pirated, or even taiwan. but even if i want to pay money to buy hkpop (which i don't usually have the urge to!) i still can't do it legitimately. i can pay sites like mikemike or boxup which have VIP subscriptions to allow users to download all these songs for a monthly subscription. or i could go to yesasia and buy their ridiculously priced cds.

what we really need is an itunes store in asia, and also make it so that anybody in the world can buy music from another store on the other side of the world. for instance, i don't want to apply for a hong kong or japanese credit card just to buy music in asia.

maybe it won't make money, because most people pirate stuff anyway, but if it sells more ipods, which is what steve jobs claims is itunes' sole purpose, then shouldn't this be a no-brainer?

maybe the triads are getting involved in the music business like rigging awards, etc? how much do you reckon a song should be sold in HK? similar to the $US1 price point would mean like HK$7-8. maybe they can sell it at $8.88, thats a lucky number for chinese people! hahaha ..

or apple, at least sub-license itunes music store to people in other countries if you can't do it yourself!

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