13 Aug 2004

cocoa#, pirated dvd players, olympics and more

haven't got time to make a proper post. so here's a link dump:

cocoa# reaches 0.2, so you can add c# to the cocoa enabled languages like objc and python.

designer brand ipod cases - the only way the cheapen your ipod.

suprise! specialised pirated dvd players outsell brand name ones in china. just like region coding disabling, manufacturers will always tend to what customers want.

crazy olympic brand issues. even worse than not bringing in a bag to the yankees stadium. so will i not be able to bring my nokia phone in because the olympics is sponsored by motorola? or not where my gucci shoes because prada is sponsoring this gymastic event?

toys'r'us becomes 'r'us.

orange is only a colour for one. in other news, manchester united sues arsenal and liverpool for copying their colours too.

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