14 Aug 2004

overclock your nokia 6600!

i was trying to figure out a couple of things about my nokia 6600. one of them was trying to get it on the internet through my powerbook via bluetooth
(phew - what a sentence). anyway, while struggling with various aspects of my phone crashing while trying this trick, i was trawling through some online forums, and found this interesting tidbit for all nokia 3650/6600 owners! (btw, my firmware is v3.72 - try *#0000# on your phone to check.)

the secret to speed up your snail-paced nokia phone is to switch off or decrease your call log to 1 day! if you don't believe me, time how long various operations take on the phone, eg, like launching the menu or starting the camera, and then turn your call log to 1 day from Menu>Extras>Log>Options>Settings>Log Duration.

anyway, i still have to find a way to update my firmware, because the bluetooth thingy doesn't work at all for me, some app server thing keeps on crashing?

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