17 Aug 2004

bizzare pizza instructions

bizzare pizza instructions
we (ali b and i) appreciate the detailed instructions on this pizza box. the usual, don't eat this raw, don't thaw the pizza, don't eat the box, consume orally, etc. this particular high-class oven pizza also gave us a choice of how we would like our pizza, crisper crust, softer crust. but extraordinarily had revised times for high altitude baking. even more confusing is the column which it is in. here are a number of questions about the preparation of this particular pizza:

(a) does high altitude correspond to the height of the crust?
(b)is 2 pizza at same time another type of american crust? (c)if i choose high altitude crust, does that mean i get a 3500 ft crust? or is it just a crisper crust?
(d) what happens if i bake 2 pizzas at the same time at a high altitude?
(e) how will my crust turn out if i use the high altitude time? -- or how would it turn out if i'm actually in a low altitude?

the inquest will continue. we will be preparing some high altitude pizzas when anil and dave come. btw, it turns out that the crisper crust meant uncooked!

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