17 Aug 2004

"the dream" apparently popular.

of course, being stacked up against a deadline, i always find time to procastinate. and here we are, checking my blog which i thought only some girly men from cambridge would read.

so apparently some people are interested in the episodes of "The Dream" i'm recording. like many others, flying back to australia just to catch 1 hour of tv a day for 2 weeks it not economical. to be honest, i'm not sure whether i should release these recordings because of two reasons.

first one is that being a fan of Roy and HG, i'm not particularly keen on pissing them or channel seven off. i'm also not fanatical about attracting some legal action from IOC or related parties.

secondly, i don't know where to host it if i were to make a torrent for them. i wouldn't put them on this server or any uni server just so that i don't put my phd in jeporady (like it isn't already in enough trouble!) putting it on recoil would be questionable as well, if they (IOC/Seven/Roy and HG) let the dogs out, i wouldn't want them to get screwed over. i also don't have enough money to buy some random web hosting, nor have enough upstream to host on my DSL connection.

in short, i'm not a l33t w4r3z d00d (or at least not l33t.) but i do believe that free-to-air tv is free-for-all. it is just merely extending the concept of time-shifting to location-shifting. broadcast TV traditionally restricts viewers geographically only because of the transmission properties of VHF/UHF. so if we use a different medium, why not different rules?

if i can find some way to share it practically then i would. maybe worth looking at privoxy, tor or freenet. or at least mail the nice guys at The Dream -- haha.

other notes and points

if the dream is anything popular like they last two olympics, they'll release a DVD.

being on the other side of the world, it is hard to ensure the quality of the captures, like i might miss the beginning or the end of the episode due to timing differences between channel seven and my lowly file server.

back to the topic of setting free australian tv on the internet, apart from sporadic episodes of rove live on suprnova.org, there hasn't been much of it.

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