19 Aug 2004

its over.

well, finally the trustees presentation is over. i can now lie down on the floor in the lab and sleep! had fun with keynote making all these funky animations, and putting random images on my slides.

anyway, i want to go back and talk about what happened 2 days ago with the 4x200m relay. what is incredible about that race where US beat Australia is Ian Thorpe was a full 1 second faster in 200m than the American guy. so when Ian Thorpe jumped into the pool, Australia was trailing 1.10 seconds (a full body length?) from America, and within the first 50m he had already gained that back. in the end, the US won by 0.13 seconds, so according to my extraordinary maths skillz, Ian Thorpe was 0.97 seconds faster than the the other guy. its kinda funny considering how proud that guy was after the race. HANG ON - you just blew a 1 second lead and nearly lost the race for the US.

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