27 Aug 2004

politcs, tricks, tabs, legal p2p, cameraphones, origami and more

here's a link dump of some interesting stuff happening around the net:

aaron swartz has an interesting article on how skewed right wing politics is -- then again, so is left-wing politics. but this stuff is plain scary.

tricks of the trade in each profession -- very interesting read.

tabs for macs -- the demo is too slow ..

japan's health dept mulls over using p2p to transport xrays/medical images between hospitals

15% of uk girls use camera phones to check their hair

erotic origami. be careful with paper cuts.

cool nature posters

google store now sells your favourite google "special" image on a t-shirt!

0.03 is a condom.

jon stewart has a book -- out in september 20th. anyone wanna get me it? ;)

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