29 Aug 2004

SFO update

currently in SFO (san francisco) -- also known as the bay area, or whatever. i don't know, i'm not as clued in as most trendy techies.

anyway, i had a pretty enjoyable flight from JFK (new york kennedy airport) (btw, can the website be any more ugly?) on united airlines. the air crew (i don't know what you call them any more?) were very nice, although they were a bit stretched. i checked in way too early for a US domestic flight, 2 hours before. it only took like 10 minutes to get from lawrence's place (thanks for letting me stay 2 nights there!) to the airport, quite incredible.

since i booked my ticket through expedia, you just check in with your credit card in some machine, like the ones you can collect movie tickets from if you book them online in cambridge or sydney hoyts. however, this one spits out a boarding pass! however, the flaw in the system is that after it does that, it still requires some girl behind the counter to give me a proper boarding pass because its incapable of giving my a two legged boarding pass.

then i got my bags "randomly" searched (i wore some surfing pants and quicksilver top -- that might not of fit the profile of an asian guy.) they made a joke about some salt and vinegar chips, about having to confiscate them. anyway, once inside, i was able to find an electric socket and charge up my laptop, watch a couple of daily shows. i also bought a book to keep me occupied on the flight. the book is called body of secrets and is about NSA and the history of espionage and its role in it. i tried hard to avoid all the politcal books that are out, although i actually wanted to get all the president's spin, but it wasn't on the bookshelf there.

oh, my rewards for checking in early was that i got a seat with extra legroom. so apparently on this united airlines flight 7, the first 16 rows is what they call "Economy Plus", which is like half way between business class and economy. you get the legroom of business class, but the seat like the first class. you usually have to pay like an extra $90 more for that (i got that as an option when i did my e-checkin), but apparently the flight was full, so in theory, i got a "free"-upgrade.

the flight was uneventful, you have your usual babies crying etc, you have to pay $5 for alcohol on the flight. they have no life vests on board the plane -- i guess they don't expect to land in any water? or just to cut costs? or they've figured they're not effective anyway?

i managed to fit in 4 episodes of daily show while on my flight, catching up with the back-log of ones i haven't watched while working. i'm a bit dissappointed that shuntv.net has died, so i don't know how i'm going to satisfy my insatiable thirst for more daily show episodes. you can get a clip of the john kerry interview from boingboing or the clips from comedycentral directly.

finally, this post has been brought to you by the free wifi supplied by PowerP0rts in SFO. why would you use t-mobile (for $10/day) if you have free wifi?? anyway, Powerp0rts is a company that sells you extra batteries you can rent while you are on the plane. good on'ya guys!

will report more when i get to portland, oregan!

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