30 Aug 2004

portland over-run by geeks/nerds

i believe portland is a pretty small city. because right now, i think we out-number the trendy coffee drinking skateboard riding hippies about 5-to-1.

anyway, the hotel is nice, big beds with too many pillows (how is one person supposed to use 5 pillows? there is free wifi at the conference, but not in the rooms. anyway, portland is near something called mt. hood, which apparently sounds quite funny when you pronouce it, or at least when kieran pronounces it.

as for sigcomm -- today is only the workshop/tutorial day, so there's the netgames workshop that we attended. nothing much really to report, lots of "we-have-an-architecture-that-will-solve-world-hunger-and-aids" papers. one interesting one from IBM research about making server farms dynamically load balance game servers, and how they are more unpredictable than normal business servers. a poor japanese guy didn't understand the question from someone basically because he didn't really understand english -- that degenerated into an awkward moment.

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