02 Sep 2004

SIGCOMM poster session

I can't think of anything that stood out from the Poster Session. The Poster Session at this year's SIGCOMM is much more international than their papers. There are people from Hong Kong, Australia, UK, etc. There are two groups from Cambridge. Anyway, the funniest one I saw was one about pedestrian mobility models from USC. So the story is that these guys have some mobility models of how people moved around in campus. I initially thought that they did it through WLAN, because that was what the extended abstract said. However, when I asked the guy who did it, basically, he paid a whole load of grad students to sit on roof tops and count groups of people moving from one building to another and write it down!!! So this is data collection by brute force rather than WLAN tracking or something interesting like that. I feel sorry for the grad students, this guy even had the opinion that some of his students may be inspired to go on to become PhD students. Yeah right.

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