04 Sep 2004

seattle day 1

so i took the greyhound from portland up to seattle to meet with francis for the weekend. the greyhound trip was quite uneventful. the greyhounds are definitely much cheaper than trains etc. the stations are confusing and disorganised. all sorts of token security checks for bags and stuff. i don't understand why they use the damn magic wand to check whether you have any metal on you. because the thing is beeping, but the guy doesn't care.

the bag search is also stupid, he only checked my two hang carry bags, and not the cabin baggage. he didn't really even TRY to look for sharp objects or a gun.

anyway, arriving in seattle's greyhound station was fun. it is really ghetto. really in the hood. fights breaking out in the front entrance etc.

seattle is sort of like a bad weather version of san francisco, i reckon. lots of nice restaurants and trendy places. heaps of great architecture. i should go around and take some proper pictures. they have two stadiums side by side that looks quite cool.

anyway, had dinner with francis' friends from the evil corporation. they seemed pretty nice. i had fun poking fun at francis' righteous past. anyway, his friends were very nice and easy going. and then later on, we met some other people to play texas hold'em! haha .. just like the world series poker guys. except i sucked!

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