30 Sep 2004

anthology of interest

futurama in-joke! this blog's strong fundamentals makes up for it's inability to use english correctly.

here are some strong fundamentals --

spam, as read by ze frank!. 6MB quicktime of parody. i don't know whether to laugh or cry when i see this. someone needs to read the viagra adverts in this way.

mmm, new 624MHz iPaq with 640x480 display. the only problem with it is (a) it's not a palm, (b) it can't make phone calls.

del.icio.us2safari plugin! access your del.icio.us bookmarks in your safari bookmarks. has someone written a firefox plugin? or something where you can search it neatly inside a browser interface? it's licensed under GPL.

if there were ever a sexy rss reader competition, newsfire would win it. it's interface is so smooth, so apple, so sensual. i'm beginning to sound like capt. zap branigan. however, for myself, i'm still sticking to netnewswire lite until i get the hang on newsfire's interface.

want weather in your neighbourhood without having a broadband phone? use weatherdock!

want answers in your life? well, you can read other people's questions on google answers, and also their answers! they really should make a RSS feed out of it.

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