04 Oct 2004

interesting but GEEKY!

now that i've remapped my capslock key to something less annoying with ucontrol, i can afford to dispense with a few more capital letters.

so first up is NICTA, a gov + edu organisation doing some cool research. they're trying to do road sign recognition. wouldn't it be easier to stick some rfid thing on each roadsign and put a reader in a car? it is only one step away from being able to record your whole journey and make it so that cops can take that tape and use it as evidence against you!

ohh hack in the box sounds like an interesting conference. if only i was l33t enough. i would boldy claim that it is one conference i would die to get into. cool program, j2me breaking, gprs + 3g hacking, unix file system forensics. its got the lot.

face isolation photo search with fujifilm device. not so hot on the device, but really think that idea can go along way. imagine looking through someone's photos, and then seeing a hot chick, and being able to click on her face and see all the photos she was in. and then say, "hrmm .. actually it was the light playing funny tricks with me in that photo."

take a live video stream, get some bored people to click on people and add comments, and you have a research project! yipee! take a look at berkeley's demonstrate project. think of the hours of fun that can be had if such a camera was in SN17 (our room in the lab.) i suspect the successor to this is a hot-or-not interface from live camera feeds!

rfid + sd card = sdrfid card. sweet. except i don't see what compelling argument there is for putting RFID in SD cards except for "because we can."

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